Imagine gathering the North Texas Homebuilder and Developer Elites into one room and convincing them to embark on a city-wide campaign before the 2008 Recession


Before the height of the 2008 Recession, the home buying market was starting to experience a slow down after years of huge growth. The uncertainty of the market led to a halt in housing sales across the nation. However, we felt DFW was better positioned and more affordable than other states and wanted our local buyers to understand the difference of buying in DFW at that moment. In an effort to change the perception and generate new interest and traffic, the DFW Housing Campaign was developed.


  • Counter the negative national press about the housing industry
  • Help sell excessive home inventory and educate buyers on the differences in the DFW market
  • Target local and relocation prospects
  • Create an online source for local homebuilder sales teams, realtors, and consumers to refer to for home buying facts


The entire North Texas real estate industry came together to support and promote the area’s stable home values, great pricing, and benefits of buying NOW. By creating a massive Co-op fund with over 200 developers and builders, we helped raise over $800,000 to launch the DFW Buy Now Campaign. Huge awareness was achieved and the website was used to help close many sales in this unprecedented industry effort.